Best Sites Like Eros – Great Escort ad sites

This is a list of the 7 best sites like Eros. Most resemble Eros, others may even be better. Basically, if you need to find escorts throughout the globe, this list is for you.

On most of these, you don’t have to pay a penny. In fact, most don’t even require you to sign up! Simply visit the website, find someone you like, make contact! It’s that simple.

If you’d like the most professional experience, I’d cut to the chase and tell you to go with Ashley Madison. If you’d like to explore other options, that’s exactly why we’re publishing this list!

7 Best sites like Eros in 2023

Ashley Madison Review
Escort Directory Review
Erotic Monkey Review
AdultSearch Review
BedPage Review
5Escorts Review
Humpchies Review

Here’s a sneak-peek of all the best Eros alternatives (and what they’re good at):

  • Ashley Madison– Most private, professional and biggest user-base
  • Escort Directory– Very professional UI and profiles
  • Erotic Monkey– Review-based escort profiles
  • AdultSearch– Global classified ads for adult requirements
  • BedPage– Basic escort listings
  • 5Escorts– Very well-populated adult classified
  • Humpchies– Very professional, active but limited to Canada.

Go find someone then?

1. Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison isn’t just another one of these Eros replacements but is arguably better than Eros on multiple fronts.

For starters, its interface outperforms Eros by a wide margin. You do need to signup to use Ashley Madison, which is free. Signing up ensures lesser spam.

Secondly, it’s been here for about 20 years now!

Then, unlike most other Eros alternatives, it even has a instant chat feature. Ashley Madison is my favourite primarily for its privacy features!

Escorts can mask their profile photos. The site even has a personal album feature, which can only be accessed after the key is shared by the escort. Ashley Madison even makes sure none of your credit card charges to Ashley Madison appear “from” Ashley Madison on your statement.

Each profile shows interests and desires and physical features. Do note that not everyone on Ashley Madison is an escort. Some are just looking for extra-martial affair or just a new relationship. It’s best to ask the person’s expectations upfront.

Best features:

  • 70million+ users
  • Masks and blurs for profile photos
  • Private albums
  • Instant messaging
  • Professional interface
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  • Not “escort-exclusive”.

2. Escort Directory


I’ll tell you right away why I feel this I feel this is one of the best sites like Eros. Its user-interface and user-base. Probably the most professional, easiest to navigate around and just inviting.

It does have a very heavily populated user-database. You won’t see a lot of empty regions.

Once you get to the website, you’ll be shown escorts near you. This is calculated based on your location (as fetched from your IP address).

Some profiles have “VIP” tag on them. These are the verified, legit, and more popular escorts here. Dozens of photos, a lot of personal features, services and even reviews can be found on most profiles.

Contact information is freely available for all, no mandatory registrations. Direct email and messages can be sent on the site as well.

Probably the most advanced search-filters are available. You can filter for everything including physical features, available services, verification level and so on.

Best features:

  • Extremely professional user-interface
  • Verified profiles
  • Very detailed profile information
  • Impressive search filters
  • No registration required.


  • Prices not mentioned publicly.

3. Erotic Monkey


Erotic Monkey is probably one of the most professionally-designed Eros alternatives.

Anyone, on the site, without any signup, you can start by choosing your city. The number of escorts in each region is displayed right next to the region name.

The profiles will generally carry an “active” tag for active escorts. Similarly, the online status for each escort is mentioned as well. The number of reviews on each escort’s profile does give you an idea of how popular the person is.

Personal details such as breast size, implants and other “relevant” information is mentioned on most profiles. Obviously, hair colour, age, height and other physical features are mentioned as well.

In call and outcall rates too can be found at the bottom of each profile.

The phone numbers and e-mails are only revealed to registered users. Signing up is 100% free. Surprisingly though, all the public photos are open for everyone, even non-registered users.

Finally, the search filters are extremely detailed. Age, height, weight, implants, breast size and a lot more can be used to search for who suits you best.

Best features:

  • Professional interface
  • Review-based profiles
  • Open access to photos for all
  • Detailed profiles.
  • Very detailed & advanced search filters


  • Mostly U.S-cities

4. AdultSearch


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This is actually one of the best websites like Eros if you’re looking for a larger user-base than Erotic Monkey.

No registration is required to use AdultSearch. Alike most other options on this page, it too has a list of countries/regions you need to choose from. I must say, it covers nearly every country on the planet.

As the name suggests, it only has adult listings. You won’t have to navigate around other non-adult listings.

Once you click on a region, all the listings in the region are shown. A few one-click filters can be applied. E.g. you can choose to only see female escorts/ shemale escorts/ M4M escorts /and body rubs.

The profiles generally include a few photos and a text-based description of what they like, what to expect, what they aren’t into and so on. Some profiles do have “verified” photos!

In-call & outcall rates are mentioned. What’s impressive is, it has an in-built currency calculator in case you’re travelling for better idea of what you’ll be paying.

When you choose a region, it also displays sex shops, bath houses, strip clubs, massage parlours etc. in the region.

Best features:

  • No registration required
  • A few one-click filters available
  • Acceptable profiles
  • Verified photos available
  • Acceptable user-base
  • Additional information about sex shops, bath houses, strip clubs


  • Only popular cities seem to have enough listings

5. BedPage


I believe this is something most of you’re already familiar with? It’s almost exactly like Eros minus the graphic elements.

The homepage will basically give you a list of different continents and regions. Obviously, this is how you find escorts near you.

Obviously, you can also type in your state/city directly in the search box. Now, BedPage isn’t just for “adult” listings. This means, you’ll find finance, vacation, vehicles, real estate and a lot more.

What you have to do is, stick to the “adult” section. It’s pretty interesting actually. It has strip clubs, male escorts, Dom & fetishes, Bodyrubs etc.

You don’t need an account or any signup to start using BedPage.

I’ll be honest here. It doesn’t have as many listings as most of us would like. However, the listings can be posted by literally anyone, and that means you can put up an ad for an escort or anything else and maybe you’ll hear back from someone who’s interested?

Best features:

  • Very easy to use
  • No registration required
  • Classified-ad styled listings
  • Multiple continents/countries covered
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  • Many empty regions.

6. 5Escorts


The website uses the most common interface/layout that’s used on most sites similar to Eros. You start with a list of different countries and regions.

Because the name has “escorts” in it, it’s clear that other listings aren’t available. As for the listing information, everything is basically dumped on a single page.

The information is basically written down as an article. There are no dedicated boxes or automated “call” options.

Some listings include photos, others may not. Mode of contact, cost, available services and everything else may be publicly posted, or you may have to enquire about it using any provided contact option.

It’s 100% free. No registration is required. No fee needs to be paid to 5Escorts whatsoever. I must say though most regions have quite a few listings and won’t come back empty.

In some cases, you may even find verified profiles but it’s not always the case. A search-feature does exist. You can’t filter for someone’s physical features though. It only lets you filter for groups such as male escorts/ strippers/erotic massage/ escorts etc.

Best features:

  • Very well-populated listings for most regions
  • No registrations required
  • Acceptable search features


  • Very basic layout/interface

7. Humpchies


It actually qualifies as one of the best sites like Eros, however, the fact that it’s only available in Canada is a kind of deal breaker.

Anyway, the site shows you profiles as soon as you land on it. It’s extremely active, there are dozens of listings every second!

Profiles have a few photos and a list of service they’re offering. Obviously, there’s an introductory bio about the person. The contact information, incall/outcall availability, prices, region and all other information is freely available for everyone.

Reviews too are available which tell you more about the escort and his/her services. The search feature was pretty impressive, it primarily has a “service” filter. Lets us search for blowjob, anal, strapon, fisting, squirt, domination etc.

Also has a few one-click filters such as MILF, Asian, Latina, Domination, Independent etc. A very unique filter is its “price” filter. Lets you set a budget. Profiles with real photos can be searched for directly as well.

Best features:

  • Professional UI
  • Very active user-base
  • Impressive search filter.
  • Real photos available


  • Only available in Canada.

Final verdict- Which are the best sites like Eros?

Short answer? Ashley Madison. Long answer? You can go with Escort Directory or Erotic Monkey if you’re looking for “professional Eros alternatives”.

The other classified-like sites are good just for that, basic, classified ads for adult requirements.

Well, all of these are free anyway. So, let’s not waste time? Go sign up at any one of these and see which works out the best for you?