Best Sites Like ListCrawler

You need sites like ListCrawler and that’s what you’ll find here. Each of these sites offer different features and that’s why I’ve listed over 13 options for you today.

Regardless of who or what exactly you’re searching for, you’re bound to find your match here.

Let’s not waste time and get started?

13 Best Sites Like ListCrawler in 2023

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Based on features, user-database, interface, transparency and a few other metrics, here are the best ListCrawler replacements in 2023:

  • Ashley Madison [ Most professional, anonymous and with 60M+ users ]
  • VictoriaMilan
  • Escort News
  • AdultLook
  • TS Escorts
  • Adult Search
  • EscortsAffair
  • EscortDirectory
  • Scarlet Blue
  • HarlotHub
  • UEscort
  • Humpchies
  • Escortza
  • YesBackpage

Dive right in!

1. Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is perfect for those who need automated matches for partners without any strings attached.

If you’re looking for just a fling, or even a whole new relationship, Ashley Madison is for you.

It’s an extra-martial dating site & app. So most people there are okay with it even if you’ve got a spouse/girlfriend or partner. They’re just seeking a good time together, not a lifetime.

As soon as you login, based on your location and interests, it shows you the best available matches.

The best part is its privacy features! You can hide photos, grant access to specific individuals, add masks to photos and a lot more.

You can search for profiles based on age, location, distance-range, photo privacy (public/private profiles), body-type, height, language spoken by the user etc.

Its “viewed me” page is pretty unique. Almost no other ListCrawler alternative has the feature. It shows you users who’ve viewed you. This helps finding matches easier.

Its “travel buddy” feature further helps you find members who’re travelling to the same destination as you! You’ll have someone waiting when you arrive (or, travel together).

It’s one of the very few sites like ListCrawler which offers “self-destructing” messages! Hey, leave no trail behind!

Without doubt, it’s the oldest site on this list with over 19 years in the industry. This also results in its unbeatable user-base throughout the planet (over 60 million!).

If you’re a women, it’s 100% free for you. You can create a profile and offer your services as well as look for partners or even send direct messages. Signing up and browsing profiles is free for males as well.

2. Adult FriendFinder


Adult FriendFinder is a ListCrawler alternative in the sense that it too lets people list their profiles, and find partners. To be more precise, sexual partners.

While AFF maybe wasn’t built with “sex” in mind, that’s clearly what it’s most used for.

At its core, it offers more social networking features than any other site on this list. There’s a feed you can post to, upload photos/videos, comment on posts made by others and so much more.

There are even groups you can join and thousands of “live broadcasts” available at all times.

Majority of the posts generally include what most people would classify as “nudes”. You can send people friend requests, gifts, add them to your favourite list and so on.

There’s also a live-chat feature you can use to talk to people you’ve befriended. Each profile you visit is extremely detailed. It’ll tell you the person’s age, sex, interests, kinks and a lot more.

The best part? It’s anonymous. You don’t have to upload any document or proof to start using Adult FriendFinder.

With over 4,022,004 registered members, chances of you not finding the right partner are pretty slim.

Registering on the platform is 100% free, however, some features (full profile access/live chat) require a paid subscription.

3. VictoriaMilan


VictoriaMilan may not look like ListCrawler, however, its primary goal too is to help you find potential partners. It’s basically ListCrawler but with extremely advanced features and interface.

Signing up is completely free on VictoriaMilan. You can upload your profile pictures and add anonymity elements (masks/blurs) to them.

And yes, they don’t mind extra martial affairs and hence you get to be as anonymous as you’d like.

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It has a “photo-availability” toggle. Turning it on only shows you profiles which have a profile picture uploaded. The feature comes in handy considering the 8.9million+ user-base on the platform.

You can search for users based on their location, height, interests, sex drive, and many other similar filters.

In fact, there’s a filter which when enabled only shows “online” profiles. Helps you get chatting fast eh?

You can send messages, winks, likes to other users. Similarly, you get a detailed list of everyone who in any way interacted with you or your profile. Yes, even the “visitors” are shown, for free.

The cheapest plan sells for EUR 19.00/month. And yes, the credit card statement doesn’t show “VictoriaMilan”, rather, DIGISECBILLING is what’s displayed.

4. Escort News


Escort News is on top of this list because of its wide variety of options. For starters, you can choose from either Independent, or Agency escorts.

It’s also available globally and hence you can select your country and then the city to find escorts near you.

You can even filter for age, height, weight, ethnicity, and even cup sizes. However, what’s impressive is its “verified escorts” filter. If you select “100% verified” when searching, you’re only shown profiles which have been verified and aren’t fake.

Even without the filter selected, there’s the “verified” ribbon around profiles which have been verified.

You can also select your “purpose”. As in, do you wish to chat, video call, engage in “duo” activities etc.

Most profile include photos, as well as physical descriptions such as ethnicity, age, gender, eyes, cup sizes, body-hair preferences, tattoos, piercings etc. Sexual preferences are displayed as “tags” on the profiles.

The rates too are displayed transparently in hour-brackets both for incall and outcall. It doesn’t demand registrations to show phone numbers or e-mails. Direct private messages on the platform can be sent but these do require registrations.

5. AdultLook


When you land on AdultLook, you’re asked to choose your country, state and region. That means it’s not just globally available, but also is hyper local.

The database is pretty decent and the platform has over 400,000 registered members as of today! At any given moment, over 200 of these members can be found online.

The other aspect you’d like is after you enter your location, it shows “female escorts”, “body rubs”, and “transsexual escorts”. So options, yeah!

It too has the blue tick on some profiles which tells you that all the photos in the profile are real.

The profiles display basic data such as age, hair type, breast size, smoking habits, incall/outcall preferences, rates, accepted payment modes etc.

No registration is required to view phone numbers or contact information. Some escort profiles do not list this information publicly in which case you can just pick another escort.

Finally, there are reviews left by other users which help make your decision easier. However these reviews are only accessible after registrations.

6. TS Escorts


This is an unique alternative to ListCrawler primarily because it can be used to find transsexuals and shemales. While the options above allow that as well, TS Escorts has that as its primary USP and purpose.

It too is available in most countries including US, Dubai, London, Singapore and others.

It’s pretty straight-forward as well. You select your location and instantly the escort list is shown.

The search filters are pretty impressive as well. You get to filter for hair colour, ethnicity, eye colour, nationality language etc.

However, its “role” and “services” are probably what will interest you. These lean more towards the sexual preferences and activities the escorts are comfortable with.

A green “verified” ribbon does tell you which profiles are verified and which may be fake. Some profiles even include videos which further verify legitimacy.

Most profiles also include (very long) intros, physical characteristics which hold true for trans and shemales such as operation status/measurements for different body parts etc.

One unique feature is its currency converter. Each profile displays the rates for the escort but it’s also accompanied by a “currency converter”. You can easily convert the rates to your native currency.

Obviously it too doesn’t require registrations for access to most details/data (e.g. phone numbers) on the platform.

7. Adult Search


Adult Search is one of the most similar sites like ListCrawler. Primarily because it’s extremely easy to post ads or hire an escort near you using Adult Search.

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As is the general rule, you first get to select from a list of countries, and then your state. The website will then give you filters like “female escorts”, “M4M escorts”, “shemale escorts” etc.

You can use Adult Search to even find strip clubs, sex forums and gay bath houses. So yes, you can also find establishments and “businesses” instead of just escorts.

If I’m being honest, the filters aren’t that impressive. Sure you can filter for physical traits such as hair colour and body type, however, no sexual preferences can be filtered for.

Fortunately though, the escorts do manually write their sexual preferences on the profiles along with other details. Phone numbers aren’t locked behind registrations and are displayed publicly for everyone.

The only problem here is I couldn’t find any “verified profiles”. Either the feature is completely missing, or just the profiles I saw weren’t verified yet.

8. EscortsAffair


Two reasons why EscortsAffair is on this list. First, it’s very similar to ListCrawler in terms of interface and layout. Secondly because it too is globally available so regardless of your location, your sexual needs may just get fulfilled.

Once your location is entered, you get a list of available escorts in the area. It’s largely text-based so the escort profiles will tell you how they look like, gender, age etc.

Then there’s mostly a long bio which details what the escorts like, are comfortable with or what’s off-limits.

The one characteristic you’ll find on EscortsAffair is that most profiles will display dozens of photos, very “informative” photos (if you know what I mean). Video profiles too can be found.

The contact info is generously listed and at times includes not just phone/emails but also social media IDs such as Snapchat.

There’s an in-built section for “rates”, both for incalls and outcalls. Registration is not required considering there’s no on-site chat feature anyway. The only feature it lacks is verification, but the video profiles (when available) does help with that.

9. EscortDirectory


You click on the link above and you’ll instantly get dozens of escorts near you. No searching required! EscortDirectory fetches your location and shows you escorts available nearby.

It has escorts from around the world and it’s not limited by specific countries.

Its verification feature and search-filters are what will interest you. You can choose to view only profiles with real and verified photos as well as contact details!

Apart from verification or physical features, you can even filter for travel availabilities, sexual preferences and fetishes (e.g. foot fetish/bondage) and a lot more.

Profiles include personal details (looks/ languages etc.), services available, and the contact details. No registration required unless you wish to direct-message the escort on ED.

Finally, there are reviews and comments which help you decide if you’ll make a good pair with any of the available escorts.

The only aspect you may not like is the rates aren’t mentioned on most of the profiles. You must contact the escorts on the provided contact details and ask for price manually. There sure are exceptions.

10. Scarlet Blue


Scarlet Blue is probably one of the most professionally-designed sites like ListCrawler. In fact, in terms of interface it’s way better than ListCrawler.

The only limitation is it’s not global. It’s available in about 15 countries and it’s not available in the U.S. Available countries include (but not limited to) UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece, Finland and a few others.

Profiles can be browsed by simply “hovering” over escort photos, this brings up age, rate, available time slots etc. This allows browsing through multiple escorts much faster without having to go through each profile individually.

If you go to the profile, you’ll see hourly rates, rates for special services such as dinners, “being a couple”, overnight etc. A very long list of available sexual services too can be generally found.

I said “professional” earlier because most escorts have professionally snapped photos and not crappy, blurry photos taken with a 1990s cell.

Phone numbers as well as e-mail IDs are displayed transparently without demanding registrations.

11. HarlotHub


HarlotHub has a slight advantage over the other sites like ListCrawler mentioned below because of its global presence. It’s available in nearly all the countries on the planet.

You select a country and state and instantly get a long list of escorts available near you (or the selected location).

It lacks when it comes to personal information. Most escorts only list their age, location and phone numbers on the profiles.

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Physical traits, sexual preferences and other similar details aren’t always available but obviously this differs based on each escort’s profile and what they’ve filled in.

Registration is completely optional. The user-database is pretty impressive and most locations will get you 50+ available escorts at any given time.

12. UEscort


Without doubt, this is one of the most professional escort sites on this list after Ashley Madison in terms of interface. The only reason it’s listed lower on this list is because it’s limited to the U.K.

Anyway, you first get to select your U.K city and instantly see all the available escorts. Surprisingly, there’s even a public live-chat feature! You can talk to other escorts/users, talk tips, share reviews and a lot more without registrations!

Most profiles have professionally-captured photos as well as video introductions! The best part? You can even send direct messages to escorts absolutely free! All you need to do is register.

The usual physical characteristics, services, languages, and rates are shown on each profile. If you’d like to contact off-site, the phone numbers as well as e-mail IDs are shared for free as well.

Finally, it does have “verified profiles” badges on profiles which have verified their legitimacy. Other badges such as “diamond/VIP” too are available which tell you how expensive/legitimate these escorts are.

13. Humpchies


Another professional-looking ListCrawler replacement but unfortunately this too is limited to Canada. When searching for escorts, you get to select a city, as well as the exact sexual service you need!

Profiles do have a bio but that’s generally pretty short (doesn’t really matter, does it?). A list of services is then available, followed by phone numbers, in/out call availability, and comments (when enabled by the escort).

Humpchies does have verified profiles and shows this “real photos” tag on profiles which have been successfully verified.

The contact details are available without registration. My only compliant is the lack of search filters, you can’t search based on age, body preferences or even verification level.

14. Escortza


Escortza could easily be the best ListCrawler alternative on this list. The only reason it’s listed lower here is because it’s U.S-exclusive. So if you aren’t from the U.S, pick one of the options listed above.

For starters, anyone can become an escort by creating a profile. It’s free. Searching for escorts is free as well and doesn’t require registrations.

The escort profiles are mostly full of photos (showing more than just the face, pretty transparent), contact info (either phone /e-mail or both), and a short bio.

It then shows the usual details such as gender, ethnicity, services they’re comfortable with, available time slots etc. The search-filters too are generally the same although you can also search using distance, age, drinking habits etc.

Rates are displayed right there on the profile, both for in/out calls. It does have two verification filters – “Photo verified” and “email verified”. These let you find legitimate profiles.

The review feature exists as well. That too helps eliminate fake profiles and get a better sense of the actual experience when it comes to real profiles.

15. YesBackpage


As the name suggests, it’s not just a site similar to ListCrawler but also to Backpage. It’s extremely basic and unprofessional to be frank.

That’s because anyone can add a listing, upload any photo they want, put up numbers and emails and get going. No verification feature seems to be available.

However, its simple and basic design is what makes it so similar a ListCrawler alternative.

Also, it’s not just for “adult/escort listings”. As a result, you’d find many other available categories. However, categories such as female/male escorts, meet & fuck, strippers & strip clubs are sure available.

As far as profiles go, they provide information on physique, location, phone/email contacts etc. Some escorts add sexual preferences while others don’t.

As I said, it being basic, there’s no “feature” to add/remove such preferences, it’s all written down manually, more like a note.

Registrations aren’t required if you’re hiring escorts. Posting ads obviously does. There’s no feature to message the escorts directly on YesBackpage.

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Conclusion- best sites like ListCrawler

Those were the 10+ best sites like ListCrawler. In simple words, all of these would let you find escorts easily, within seconds.

If you need a more direct and faster solution, I’d say go with Ashley Madison. It’s not just for “escorts” but a lot more. Also, its privacy and anonymity features can’t be found with most other options similar to ListCrawler.

Bear in mind to not share personal or financial information with any of your partners. With more than 13 best sites like ListCrawler listed above, I’m positive you’ve found something for your needs, haven’t you?