Free Fuck Site: Find a Local Girl for Sex Near You

I’ve listed nearly 16 of the best fuck sites in this article. If you need sex without any emotional attachments, you’ll find your partner(s) here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, trans, bi, or even married! “Sex” is a biological demand, and this list fulfils that.

Maybe you need a sugar daddy (or a baby?). BDSM is more your style? You’ll find sites dedicated exclusively to those purposes as well.

Each of these sites has been handpicked after evaluating over 50 other options (no exaggerations). Rest assured, you’ll get laid.

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Out personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  5. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)

If you’re still sceptical, don’t be. This report will tell you that you only have so much time before your sexual desires start declining. Enjoy it while you can, eh?

The 16 Best Fuck Sites for 2023

This list discusses the following real sex sites:

And, hey, I’ve also listed what you should and shouldn’t do on these sites. Even with no prior experience, this list has been custom-tailored to get you a bed and a partner. Period.

1. Ashley Madison


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: Married individuals
  • Special feature: Travel buddies or special anonymity features
  • Starting price: USD 17.93; free for women.

You’re married, and yet you seek an affair? Ashley Madison is for you.

With the tagline “life is short, have an affair”, it’s pretty clear what Ashley Madison is all about. It publicly advocates its primary USP as an “extramarital affair”. (Hey, I’m not advocating or encouraging the practise; it’s just what the website offers.)

Marriage isn’t mandatory for Ashley Madison. You can use it even when you’re single or in a relationship and trying to explore more options.

If you’re a woman, Ashley Madison is largely free for you! You get to send winks and start conversations for free (men are charged for this!).

It’s basically for open-minded people. You get to meet other like-minded folks who wouldn’t judge you based on your current relationship status.

Just some of the options you can use Ashley Madison for:

Anonymity is one of its strongest suits. For starters, you get pseudonyms. No one has to know your real identity unless you want them to. It also doesn’t allow linking your account to any social network. No fingerprints anywhere!

You don’t leave any traces because it also has a “self-destruct” feature for chats! You can even find “travel buddies”. These are people going to the same destination as you with similar desires.

It also has a “disguised photo” feature. Your photos are masked with just enough to share an idea but not an identity. You can add masks, blur images, and choose who gets to view the original image.

The matching algorithm is one of the best in the industry. Based on your location and some of the answered questions, it instantly finds people closest to you who are most similar to your preferences. You can even see who recently viewed your profile.

It’s 100% free to join and use! Optional credits can be purchased for additional features such as highlighted (featured) profiles, private and priority messages, etc.

Even the payments are anonymous. The charges on your cards appear to be something vague and “not” related to Ashley Madison. You can pay via gift cards for added anonymity as well.

2. Adult Friend Finder


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: Sex or Couples
  • Special features: social media like comments, posts, and engagement
  • Starting price: $19.95/month.

Its 40,000,000+ user database makes it one of the best meet-and-fuck sites on the planet. Officially, it’s a “casual dating site”. However, the actual website is full of sexual and nude broadcasts. (Yes, live broadcasts are possible.)

What’s unique is that you can use it as a couple! Fancy a more “group gathering”? That’s possible as well!

The signup requires filling out details such as race, body type, preferences, etc. It even has an in-built writing tool that helps write a better introduction.

You can “flirt” with people, hotlist them, send testimonials and gifts, etc. The UI is very similar to traditional social media. There are groups and magazines, and both photos and videos can be uploaded. You can even comment on posts and write entire blog posts!

Finding buddies to fuck takes seconds because you can search based on “members near me”, “who’s online” and “VIPs”. It has thousands of users online at any given time, making sure there’s always someone available.

It also has a “real ID” badge, which ensures that profiles that have it have verified their identity and aren’t fake!

Signing up is free. Viewing some profiles and photos does require a paid upgrade. Payments are accepted via cards, account transfers, and even gift cards. Additional payments are required to let “free members” view your profiles.

3. Victoria Milan


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: married or attached individuals
  • Special feature: anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed.
  • Starting price: EUR 7.25/week.

After Ashley Madison, it tops the chart for the best sex sites. Why so? First, because it’s strikingly similar to Ashley Madison.

Second because it’s created primarily and solely for “sex”. Discreet sex, especially for married or attached individuals

Singles can use it too, and you can totally use it for long-term affairs as well.

After being created in 2010, Victoria Milan boasts nearly 7.2 million+ users today. That’s a pretty impressive user pool, isn’t it?

It also offers blurs and masks for your photos! No one’s recognising you. It prohibits real names from being used in the profile. It also features self-destruct messages.

There’s even a kill switch. It instantly redirects you to another website completely unrelated to sex or affairs when pressed.

The credit card charge appears to be innocent and not related to Victoria Milan in any way.

It grants complete profile access without any payment. Details about the user, such as interests, physical attributes, turn-on factors, salary, etc., are listed.

Messaging users, sending gifts, boosting profiles, and some other privileges require payments. The cheapest plan goes for EUR 7.25/week, and it’s on a 3-month billing cycle.

4. CougarLife


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: priority messages
  • Best for: older women and younger men
  • Starting price: $19.95/month. (free for women).

The primary USP of CougarLife is to help bridge the age gap. Older women can use it to find younger men. Similarly, younger men can use it to find older, more experienced women.

It’s free for women!

It also has an auto-reply feature. You can set up replies in advance that will be sent to those who message you.

Even without a photo, it offers details such as race, hair or eye colour, body type, etc. This helps you accept or reject advances.

A very advanced search filter is also available. You can search based on location, a “radius”, date availability, online/offline status, photo availability, etc. Even body type, hair colour, ethnicity, etc. can be filtered.

A major reason why it’s one of the best sex sites is that you can access the majority of the site’s features without paying a single dime. You can send flirts, access public photos, browse through profiles, and even send messages for free!

Private photos can be shared by exchanging a key. Paid members can use “Priority Messaging.” This shows their messages at the top of the recipient’s inbox.

Just like Ashley Madison, it’s free for women as well! The user base is pretty impressive; you’re sure to find partners for a lifetime.

Males can send messages for free if they have a profile photo on the account. If not, paid plans can be opted for, which start at $12.00 per month.

5. Seeking


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: background checks
  • Best for: rich or beautiful people (not the perfect world, I know).
  • Starting price: $19.99/month. (free for women).

Seeking is one of the most unique options on this list of the best sex sites. It’s exclusively a “sugar daddy/sugar baby” website.

In other words, it’ll only work for you if you’re either rich or beautiful. The point is that rich users can be sugar daddies and get beautiful sugar babies, and vice versa.

You, as a user, have to choose what you want in a partner. It can either be “success and wealth” or “looks and charm”.

While signing up, you fill out details such as body type, height, relationship status, number of children (if any), etc. You even get to specify your “net worth” and “annual income”.

The interface is pretty modern and easy to use (hey, it matters!).

What’s unique is that the site even does “background checks” if and when the user opts for them! This allows a “background check” badge to appear on their profiles, guaranteeing that the profile is real. There’s even a “photo verification” badge.

This ensures fewer users are faking it, be it their money or looks.

You can view profiles and send messages for free. It even shows when a user last viewed you.

Upgrading allows you to be featured and enjoy some other benefits (such as hiding online status, login country info, adding inbox filters, etc.). Plans start at $90 per month. If you’re a woman, it’s free for you.

6. Alt


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: social media-like features
  • Best for: BDSM
  • Starting price: $8.33/month. (free for women).

This is exclusively a BDSM hookup site. If you like BDSM or similar sexual encounters, this is for you. While signing up, you get to choose your role, which can either be submissive or dominant!

The interface is almost identical to Adult Friend Finder. Do not let that confuse you. I’ve verified that the user databases are completely different. The two sites simply use the same template for their websites.

The features, however, are similar. You can hotlist people, send flirts, gifts, tips, or testimonials, and either view or broadcast live. Blogs are another aspect of Alt that offers more information about users.

Likes and comments on posts are possible. Unlike several of the best fuck sites on this list, Alt does have a pretty good female presence. It’s pretty active as well.

The user base is impressive, and in most cases, it wouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to find someone near you who likes the same stuff as you do. Being BDSM-oriented, sex is without a doubt the primary driving factor here.

Location-based searches are possible as well. There’s a long list of “kinks” available that you can search for directly. Most of the site is locked behind a paywall, though.

Memberships start at $8.33 per month. Paying lets you view member profiles, get your profile featured in searches, send first messages, watch video intros, etc.

7. Red Hot Pie


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: Sex-centric
  • Best for: Everyone looking for sex.
  • Starting price: $36.04/month.

The tagline says “Everybody’s doing it”. We all know what everyone’s doing (or wants to do, don’t we?)

Red Hot Pie is without a doubt one of the best fuck sites on the planet. During registration, it asks what your intentions are, and there’s an option for “hook-ups”.

If that doesn’t tell you, you can also choose your sexual preferences (what you like during sex) while signing up as well. Well, yes, it’s a site to find fuck buddies.

It takes seconds to find a potential partner using the “Prospects” tab. It shows you a list of people who have interests similar to yours.

It even has a “travel profile” option, which lets you find hookups for your travel destinations. The “DateFinder” option lets you add a date when you’re available for a date. It also automatically finds other users available on the same date. It also has chat rooms for group chats.

Profiles will tell you the “intentions” of the users as well as their sexual fantasies. There’s a real-time messenger with advanced filters as well. The social aspect is present as well. Friends can be added, there are posts, and there is a forum.

Viewing profiles is free. Sending messages, webcam chats, access to “who likes me”, and “party invites” require payment. The cheapest plan goes for $36.04 per month.

8. Daddyhunt


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: 3-day free trial
  • Best for: gay and bisexuals
  • Starting price: $20.99 for 3 months.

If you’re gay or bisexual, you’re 15-20 minutes away from the bed (minus any travel time). Daddyhunt is one of the best fuck sites, but for gay and bi folks.

During signup, you can also choose your preferred role. You can be the Daddy, the Mister, or the Hunter.

There are multiple ways for you to find someone to spend “time” with. There’s a long list of “global members”, “most hunted,”, and even “featured members.”.

Browsing profiles is completely free, with no blurred photos. You get full access. Profiles also tell you sexual preferences (e.g., condoms or no condoms), positions, and other details about the users.

Physical attributes such as height, body hair, and even HIV status are displayed! It makes sure only serious people contact you by requiring phone verification before messages can be sent.

It also shows online status as well as the distance from you for each member. This makes the decision easier, doesn’t it?

It’s free to use, but paying will unlock “who viewed me”, location search, better search filters, the ability to view more profiles, etc. You can only opt for a 3-month or 12-month contract; the 3-month plan starts at $20.99 and offers a 3-day free trial.

9. Onlyflings


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: anonymous text messages
  • Anyone looking for hookups or relationships
  • Starting price: $0.65/day.

Well, the website does say “only flings”. If that’s not a reason for it to be on a list of the best fuck sites, I don’t know what is. The interface may feel a bit outdated, but it does get the job done.

Signing up takes seconds, and there aren’t many questions you have to answer. Filling up your profile does help you get laid faster, though.

Profiles will offer a tonne of details about the users. These include age, ethnicity, hair colour, height, body type, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

Much of the browsing is free. It does require payments for adding or messaging people. It even allows direct text messages and has a “privacy layer”. The actual numbers aren’t revealed to either user.

There’s also this unique “3-month guarantee,” which says if you don’t get laid in 3 months using the website, you get 3 additional months free! (That alone is enough to make it one of the best meet-and-fuck sites, isn’t it?)

It doesn’t take much time to find a suitable partner, either. You can click on the “Who’s online” tab. It instantly shows thousands of online users ready to respond!

Location- and age-based searches are possible as well. Finally, it also has a webcam to show if you need “more information” before adding a friend or initiating contact.

The plans start at $0.65 per day. There’s even a 3-day free trial!

10. Fuckbook


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: Sex
  • Special features: social media like comments, posts, and engagement
  • Starting price: $29.95/month.

The name hints that it may be one of the best sites to find a fuckbuddy, doesn’t it? It’s couple-friendly, and you don’t exactly have to be a single individual to use the site.

The site has a largely “social media” feel to it. There’s a “feed” where you can add friends, engage in conversations using direct messages, and so on.

I found it overwhelming because of the bots. They spam you with requests to upgrade and friend requests. Then there are primary links redirecting to external websites.

However, ignoring that sure helps you find people you can fuck without the “emotional” strings attached. There isn’t a long form for you to fill out. Rather, it mostly auto-detects your location and shows the best matches.

Photos, videos, and blog posts can be uploaded. You can check who viewed your profile, and it even has features for VR porn, sex chat, and other similar fantasies of yours.

Browsing is completely free. Sending messages,gifts, or replies costs money. The plans start at $29.95 per month.

11. OkCupid


  • Website:
  • Signup: free (requires a phone number).
  • Special feature: Incognito mode/accurate matches
  • Anyone looking for hookups or relationships
  • Starting price: $19.99/month. (free for women).

After Ashley Madison, it is probably the most commonly recognised online dating site on the planet.

You can find a fuck buddy within minutes if you select “hook-ups” on the “what you’re looking for” page.

You can even opt for “non-monogamy” options!

Moreover, you can also choose “one night” as the duration of your next relationship. This makes your intentions clearer. There are other questions about God, politics, kissing, financial preferences, etc.

The onboarding process does seem a tad bit longer than usual; however, it makes the matching algorithm better and helps you find better matches.

Do note that phone number verification is mandatory. It’s hidden from others; however, it’s required for account activation.

As for anonymity, it offers an “incognito mode”. This makes sure your photos are only visible to people you’ve “liked”.

It offers a plethora of gender choices, and yes, it welcomes non-binaries as well. Gender fluids, agender, androgynous, trans, cis, etc. are just some of the options.

It has one of the best interfaces out of all the other best fuck sites on this list! Also allows direct Instagram feed integration.

It’s mostly free and offers basic access. Advanced features start at $19.99/month (cheaper plans are available on longer

12. Get It On


  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: People seeking sex
  • Special feature: None
  • Starting price: $19.96

Get It On is clearly and without doubt one of the best fucking sites. Its tagline reads “Find your perfect sex match”, That clears any doubts, doesn’t it?

Its registration process is pretty unique as well. You only enter an e-mail ID and select a username. The password is auto-generated and sent to the used e-mail ID.

As for the interface, it’s similar to most other top-fuck websites on this list. Primarily, it has a social network-like feel.

On your dashboard, you see popular videos uploaded by other members. It’s mostly homemade porn.

Finding partners is pretty easy. If you click on the “find members” button, dozens of random accounts are shown.

As far as profile information goes, you can check the location, “looking for”, age, and gender for free. However, visiting the profiles for more details is only available to paid users.

Profile photos, too, aren’t always available. This depends on the profile owner. Profile photos can be hidden so that they’re only shown to those they allow manually.

One-click flirting and hotlisting are possible for free.

The platform offers two plans: a 3-month plan and a 1-month plan. These start at $19.96.

Do note that the account is often “denied” if you enter gibberish or random information in your “introduction” section.

13.99 Flavours


  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: chats or virtual meets
  • Special feature: social media-like features
  • Starting price: $7.00

The site has an interface that’s identical to what Adult Friend Finder offers. It qualifies as one of the best fuck sites primarily because of its user database (109,800,677) and content type.

The sole purpose of the website is to help you find sexual partners. The best part is that, unlike most other fucking websites on this list, this site isn’t male-dominated. It has a pretty good balance between male and female accounts.

To find members to connect to, you can simply visit their “Who’s online” tab. Hundreds of users, all of whom are currently online, are displayed.

Age, city, and preferences on profiles can be viewed for free. Profile photos are also displayed for free. Hovering over profile pictures brings this data up. Any other detail can only be accessed on the paid plans.

It too has all the social media features, including adding friends, shortlisting, a fan system, gifts and tips, testimonials, etc.

Users can post status updates, and text, photos, and videos are supported. The videos, too, are locked behind a paywall. Interaction (comments) on these posts is also possible, but again, only for paid users.

Two plans exist: for 3 months, it’ll cost you about $7.00, or you can go for the monthly plan priced at $10.00 per month.

14. Zoosk


  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: SmartPick
  • Best for: Relationships
  • Starting price: $19.95

I love Zoosk’s interface. It’s so clean, easy to understand, and uncluttered. You only fill in your gender, body style, and other details and instantly get recommendations.

With over 40 million registered users, finding someone for yourself isn’t a herculean task. You can write messages to users, “like” them, or send a “smile” to initiate contact.

If you’ve used Tinder (which you probably have), you’ll find some similarities here. You’re shown profiles, which you can either accept or reject. There’s even a “maybe” option.

If you’re in a hurry and need a fuck buddy right away, you can use its “Online now” tab. It shows profiles that are currently online.

A bio and a “perfect match” do not tell you what the other person is expecting. There are even badges for photo and phone number verification, minimising fake profiles.

It doesn’t cost a penny to sign up, log in, or even send messages. Do note that uploading a photo is mandatory to send messages.

Paying for an upgrade has benefits such as the “Go invisible” mode. Profiles you view wouldn’t know you viewed them. You can also “boost” your profile for more visibility using paid coins. The smallest purchase is 180 coins, which costs $19.95.

It even has a “SmartPick” feature; it learns what you like and don’t like and makes recommendations accordingly. Do note that Zoosk is primarily a dating site. Be clear about your intentions when contacting others.

15. POF


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Best for: Repeated hook-ups
  • Special features: verified profiles only
  • Starting price: $19.95/month.

POF translates into “Plenty of Fish”. It’s been one of the best fuck sites since 2001! That’s older than some of you reading this piece!

Again, it’s more of a “dating” website, but I’m sure you’ll find others with similar goals as you on the platform.

One of its primary USPs is that it allows 100% free conversations. You can talk to anyone without making any payment whatsoever. The profiles are all legit and real because accounts are activated only after SMS verification.

It also has a “will respond” feature, which shows you profiles most likely to reply to you. There are other features such as “near me”, “viewed me,” and “meet me,” which increase your chances of finding partners sooner.

You can swipe left and right using the “meet me” feature to find people who’re interested in actually meeting you.

It even has an “intent” and “income” filter. As stated earlier, it’s free. However, if you get a like, you can only see who it is by paying for an upgrade. Paid boosts are also possible.

16. Eharmony


  • Website:
  • Signup: Free
  • Special feature: an ultra-detailed questionnaire.
  • Best for: hookups, but with other future possibilities.
  • Starting price: $19.90/month.

This is probably a site you’ve already heard of. And yes, it’s not exactly one of the other top fuck websites. It’s more about real and serious relationships. But hey, you can make it work, can’t you?

More importantly, the “compatibility quiz” (onboarding questions) is the longest and most detailed among any of the other options on this list. While answering, you can make your desires and intentions pretty clear.

The quiz makes Eharmony’s matching algorithm one of the best and most accurate. It also assigns a score to the profiles based on how similar both users are.

This works in your favour if you’re someone with very specific requirements, even if it’s just for sex.

Eharmony has been voted the #1 trusted dating site in 2018 and also won the “highest quality dating pool” vote.

The site even sends customised reviews and suggestions on how to make your current profile even better.

You can send icebreakers and messages, and you can even have video calls! Distance-based searches are available. The photos are blurred for free members. Paid plans start at $19.90 per month.

Safety tips for using these top fuck websites

Hey, finding fuck buddies online may be easy, but it may not always be safe. Here are a few points you should keep in mind to make sure you aren’t scammed or land in any other trouble.

  1. Never share your real information. You’re here for the short term. It’s best not to share your real name, address, or occupation.
  2. Do not exaggerate your finances. In an attempt to land a job, people often exaggerate their financial positions. That may have multiple negative consequences.
  3. Pick a location of your choice. It’s best not to let your partner pick the hotel, city, or country you’re going to.
  4. Confirm legality! This is important. Make sure your partner is of legal age before engaging in any sexual activities. Do not trust the listed profile information blindly.
  5. Use protection for sex, and be open and upfront about STDs.
  6. Avoid these fuck sites if you’re politically or publicly exposed. (I’m sure you’ve got other contacts who can make this happen.)

Frequently asked questions

Let’s answer some of the most common questions you probably have about any of these sites.

#1. What is the absolute best of these best fuck sites?

Ashley Madison. It’s (arguably) the most reputed, has one of the biggest user bases, offers extreme anonymity, and is free of people who’d judge you.

#2. Do I have to pay to use these best fuck sites?

No. Almost all the websites listed above are 100% free. Additional features may require payments. However, it’s possible to sign up and find fuck buddies without paying anything.

#3. Is Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan legal?

Legal? Yes. In most countries where extramarital affairs aren’t “illegal”, both sites are legal. However, there are sure to be exceptions. E.g. Taiwan.

Are they “ethical,” though? That would be a subjective question and depend on how each individual is wired.

#4. What is the difference between dating websites and fucking websites?

The best meet and fuck websites, such as Ashley Madison, Alt, or Victoria Milan, have users who have “sex” as their primary goal. The users on this website aren’t looking for long-term relationships or marriage.

Dating websites, on the other hand, such as Eharmony or POF, focus on long-term relationships and not sex. They sure may lead to sex, but that’s not the primary focus.

#5. Why have you listed dating websites as the best fuck sites?

The primary reason is “authenticity”. The listed websites are the most reputed in the industry. You won’t be scammed, and most profiles are forced to be real due to their verification rules.

The second reason is that “dates” can always lead to sex. That may not be the primary purpose, but it’s a possibility, and hence they qualify for this list.

#6. Can I pay anonymously on these best fuck websites?

In most cases, the payment isn’t “anonymous” per se. You’ll have to use your credit cards or PayPal.

However, the charges are almost always masked. They’re shown as something unrelated and of little interest instead of being marked as “payment for fucksite”.

#7. What are the top fuck sites?

The top fucking websites are:

  • Ashley Madison
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Victoria Milan
  • CougarLife
  • Seeking
  • Alt
  • Red Hot Pie
  • Daddyhunt
  • Onlyflings
  • Fuckbook
  • OkCupid
  • Get It On
  • 99 Flavours
  • Zoosk
  • POF
  • Eharmony

Wrapping up, which are the best fuck sites on the planet?

Go with Ashley Madison if you need the most privacy, secrecy, and yet the biggest database on the planet.

Victoria Milan offers similar features, but with a fraction of the users that Ashley Madison does.

Most other sites are equally good, although the professionalism, legitimacy of the users, and some other aspects are a bit questionable.

I’m confident these 16 best fuck sites for 2023 will solve your problems. Check back in a few weeks for more options!