7 Best Sites Like Sniffles – App for gay, bi, and curious guys

Need sites like Sniffies? That’s exactly what you’ll find here. These websites will welcome you regardless of your sexual preferences.

If you need the quickest answer, I’d say go with Ashely Madison. It offers the largest user-base and most privacy features.

If you’re open to more options, this list will provide you just that. Also, almost each of these is free. Sure, paid plans get you more features but payment is certainly optional!

Let’s get going then?

The 7 Best Sites Like Sniffles

These are the best alternatives to Sniffles in 2023:

  • Ashley Madison
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Hornet
  • Romeo
  • OneScene
  • GaysTryst
  • Gayder

Let’s get you your new Sniffies then?

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Primary features:

  • 80 million+ users
  • Big on privacy (private albums/ mask photos and so on)
  • Free profile browsing
  • Completely free for women
  • Android + iOS apps

Ashley Madison isn’t just one of the best sites like Sniffies, it’s in my opinion the best adult dating option in all shapes and forms. It has the best user-interface, most privacy-features and over 80 million users!

The company’s primary motto is to help married/engaged folks find an affair. You can search for exactly who you’re looking for using its dozen+ search filters. Age, location, sexual preferences are just a few of them.

You can click on any profile and browse it completely free. Most other sites on this list only allow profile-browsing to paid members.

Profiles display a person’s interest, age, physical features etc.

You can pay Ashley Madison a nominal fee (a few cents/day) to “boost” your profile. They display your profile everywhere important (including a user’s primary dashboard) and this gets you more matches.

Ashley Madison is known across the industry for its privacy features. You get to “lock” your private albums and allow access only to those you want. The company doesn’t force you for a profile picture (a lot of other companies do).

In-built editing features let you hide your face even if you do upload a photo. There are very well-built apps both for Android and iOS devices. The apps too are masked so no one knows they’re Ashley Madison.

It’s 100% free for women. For men, Ashley Madison uses a “credit” system. So, there’s no forced subscription. You choose how many credits you want and pay for those.

2. AdultFriendFinder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Primary features:

  • Millions of registered users
  • Many “social-media” features
  • Advanced search filters (including Kink)
  • Verified profiles
  • Paid plans starting at $19.95/month.

This is a Sniffies alternative that probably has the most nude-friendly profiles in the entire dating industry. It also offers more features than most other options on this list.

So, you get a full social-media feel. You get a wall you can post to, others can engage on your posts via likes/comments, people can send you requests and so on.

Not sure about sending a “request” just yet? You can simply send a “flirt”. One of the biggest features on Sniffies is its “live webcams”. A lot of models, mostly not in a lot of clothes can be found streaming. These streams are 100% free and open for all.

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Adult Friend Finder also shows you which profiles have been “verified” as well as the “subscription plan” for each. This helps you find serious and legit profiles easily.

It also has groups which makes it easy to find a larger number of like-minded people easily.

It always stores the profile you visit so you can always go back to the list and see who’s still worth your time. Who visited you is shown as well.

Instant messaging is available but is a paid feature. Very advanced search filters exist. On top of searching for age, location, sexuality you can also search for “kinks”.

To access most of these features you’d need a paid plan which starts at $19.95/month.

3. Hornet

Website: https://hornet.com/

Hornet is one of the closest sites like Sniffies and it tells you that from the moment you land on the site. When signing up, you can select your pronouns, He/him, she/her, they/them and so on.

Uploading a photo isn’t mandatory and can be skipped. You can even select what you’re looking for. It can be chats/dates/ friends/ networking/or serious relationships.

You can also choose from quite a few different relationship status. You can then display/hide your status.

Now, I love the interface. It has a little bit Instagram vibes. The profiles look similar to Instagram profiles, and you can follow people.

As soon as you login, it shows you dozens of “profile thumbnails”. You can get to these profiles by clicking on these thumbnails. Most of these profiles will be from your locality.

It also lets you visit profiles in their entirety, for free.

There’s a public album, a private album, and the feed which shows everything the user posts publicly.

It also shows you “matches”. There’s a very advanced instant chat feature as well. You get to select the age and location, in addition to their role, relationship status, online status etc.

One of its best features? It lets you chat with users for free! Also shows the last online time for users.

Some features aren’t free and are only for paid members. Paid plans start at $4.99/month. Paying also removes any and all ads from the site.

4. Romeo

Website: https://www.romeo.com/

Primary features:

  • Ultra-detailed profiles
  • Instant messaging & other social-media features.
  • Very detailed (and sexual) search filters
  • Mandatory GPS and profile picture.
  • Paid plans start at about $1.00/month.

What makes Romeo one of the best Sniffles alternatives? This-

You get to choose your sexuality as one of the first things you fill in on the platform. It clearly is very welcoming regardless of your preferences. Then, many other details may be filled in such as your relationship status, sport interests, languages, etc.

It also lets you select what you’re looking for (sex/friends/love). Finally, you select a desirable age-range.

All of this is done before you even enter Romeo. This gives the platform a nice build-up using which it shows you the best possible matches.

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The only flaw with the design? You “must” enable GPS/location services before it lets you in! It does let you set your location manually but only after it has fetched it once from your GPS. Also, you can only choose a location within 100Kms of your GPS-detected location.

Also, it forces you for a profile picture. This too in my opinion should be optional.

I understand the benefits, however, I’d have liked a choice.

The interface is pretty modern and advanced. It even has groups, travel planner and a rating game I like.

Profiles are very descriptive. Dozens of physical features, likes/dislikes, what they’re looking for and other details are shown. Accessing profiles is 100% free.

Instant messaging is possible. You can also add people as friends. Search filters let you select the age, weight, height, position and even d*** sizes! Dozens of other filters exist, for free.

It’s one of the cheapest websites like Sniffles on this list , starting at about $1.00/month.

5. OneScene

Website: https://www.onescene.com/

Primary features:

  • 100% free (no paid plan)
  • Very basic UI
  • Ultra-detailed profiles
  • Add people/send messages for free

I’ll be honest, if you’re expecting an interface as good as Ashley Madison, just skip this one. The UI is super basic and bland. However, we aren’t reviewing UIs here so let’s talk about its Sniffies-like features, eh?

Also, OneScene is 100% free. It couldn’t be “freeer” ( if the word existed) because it doesn’t even have a paid plan!

It too is a Gay/Bi-friendly social network that lets you add nearly every detail about yourself (that you want to). Primary characteristics, desired activities, sexual preference, preferred age, education, income and so much more can be included.

It does however offer very beautiful, pre-uploaded cover photos. You can choose from urban/ landscapes/ nature to better reflect your personality.

When you’re done, it’ll show you the closest members to you. Alongside that, the newest profiles on the platform best matching your requirements are displayed as well.

You can go to any profile for free. Remember filling up those tiny details about you? Those are shown to you as well for any profile you visit. You can add people as friends or just chat with them directly.

It also has a few built-in icebreakers (winks/waves/ pokes/smiles etc.). The platform also shows you who visited you or liked you.

I didn’t expect OneScene to be as user-rich (as it isn’t very popular) however it did surprise me. It’s not full of dead-users and I say that because profiles also display a user’s “online status”. The “recently joined” tab keeps getting updated by the minute as well.

6. GaysTryst

Website: https://www.gaystryst.com

Primary features:

  • Very professional interface
  • Advanced search filters
  • Detailed profile information
  • Paid plan: About $2.00/month
  • Mandatory profile photo upload
  • Photos require “approval”.

GaysTryst is amazing and built just for the Sniffies audience-base. However, it forces you for a profile picture. Moreover, the pictures also need to be “approved” (probably by a bot) before your profile is fully active.

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If you’re okay with that, keep reading. If not, skip to the next option on here.

The homepage shows you a list of profiles you may be interested in. These are all geographically close to where you are.

Unfortunately, free profile access is limited. You do get to go to the profiles, however, you can’t view enlarged photos. Albums too are locked. Also, you can’t text people without a paid plan.

It does allow sending likes and adding to favourites for free.

However, free plans do show you the person’s sexual orientation, location, hair colour, body type and other basic details.

Profiles also let you add a status, videos and other information so you can be found easily.

The search filters are pretty impressive though. You can filter using age, location, what you’re searching for, sexual orientation and dozens of physical traits.

Paid plans start at about $2.00/month. The free plan is more like a “view-only” plan and doesn’t offer many practical features.

7. Gayder

Website: https://www.gaydar.net/

Primary features:

  • Free to access and use.
  • Chats are free as well.
  • Very limited free search functionality
  • See who viewed you. Incognito mode available.
  • Paid plans start at $2.08/month.

Gayder, as the name suggests is obviously gay-friendly site, isn’t it? Once you login, it shows you the “most winked” profiles. These are basically the most popular profiles on the site.

It also shows the “newest” profiles just in case you’re searching for members who just joined.

You can view any profile and all its information for free. Profiles will not just tell you if a person is gay, but also their closet-status. Physical traits, what they’re looking for, interests etc. are displayed as well.

You can text anyone on the platform absolutely free as well. Although, paying unlocks “read receipts”.

You can also see who viewed you, others can see you too. However, both of these require a paid subscription. There’s also an “incognito” mode (others can’t see you viewed them).

The free search-filters are a complete waste of time. You only get to search for a user’s username, or a keyword in their “about me” section. Most other filters such as age, location and others are locked behind that paid plan.

The cheapest plan sells for $2.08/month. There’s also a 7-day free trial that you can avail on the 1-month VIP plan.

Final words- Which are the best sites like Sniffies?

Ashley Madison is the best Sniffies alternative hands down.

It lets you be who you want to be and decide how much of you the world should get access to. Even if you’re closeted, Ashley Madison makes sure you find your partner without having to disclose your identity.

AFF will be more your speed if you’re looking for a community that’s just there for the sex (for the most part anyway).

The other options? Well they’ve got their strengths and weaknesses. Either way, all of these are the best sites like Sniffies and you can go check a few of them.